As I was typing in the title, what caught my eye was the ever flickering cursor. ‘How this cursor keeps going even when I have stopped in my path?’ was a thought that hit my head.

It stands as a source of motivation to remind me that I need to keep going. It makes me want to keep writing with the same passion as I did four years ago. The evergoing cursor makes me want to flourish and not just thrive. I wish to do well in achieving my life goals.

Cheers to thriving and living it up!!!



Cliches …

They are my favorite both in movies and in real life. As a child, I had come across an article where King Khan was reported as having slept at the railway station during his struggling years. My reaction as a child was to endure and struggle happily as I was born to be EXTRAORDINARY.

How and why the 6-year-old me had no clue.

In short, what I am trying to say is …

If in your life, you shift your perspective you can be a hero too…

It is all in the head and I am the queen bee :)



In the lockdown, I have been watching a lot of K drama. The consumption levels have been dangerous for me as I belong to the category of people who are called empaths.

As I write this, I am ranting about how truly this world doesn't deserve people who practice empathy. They are often misquoted and emotionally manipulated

So you might wonder what does the digital_scribbler suggests.

Continue to practice empathy but start with yourself



TBH 2020 was a year that won for me….

I was forced to reconsider my life priorities.

Relocate to hometown after having moved just 6 months prior.

Put my health on top of the list and get back to shape.

Watch content for the sake of it and not having to create a thing of value.

Almost have a live-action version of man versus wild with a joint family of monkeys attacking my room in broad daylight.